Hotshot Lorimer, Frank Worthington memories and ice skating quads

1) This week Frank Worthington died, leaving us with a glorious rabbit hole to delve into. His masterpiece came for Bolton against Ipswich in April 1979, leaving four defenders in his wake and departing the frame with one of the all-time great quickfire swivels. Here’s Frank on a horse, picking out some niche Raul de Souza vinyl and scoring a series of stormers during his lengthy spell at Leicester. He scored two England goals, including another piece of quick thinking against Argentina in 1974. And here’s some latter-day Frank, in action for Guiseley in 1990.

2) On Saturday, Leeds legend Peter Lorimer also passed away. Here are 20 of his best strikes. If you’ve got 18 minutes to spare, however, here’s a painstakingly assembled collection of many, many more, including three for Scotland.

3) It’s the 23rd anniversary of a figure skating milestone – Kurt Browning with the first ever, ratified quadruple jump at the world championships in Budapest. Josef Sabovcik thought he’d managed one two years earlier, but a sneaky tap of the ice with his back foot saw it retrospectively taken away from him. Nathan Chen would later become the first to land five quads in competition. Miki Ando was the first woman to land one – a quadruple salchow in 2002. Alexandra Trusova has made history multiple times since – with the first quad toe loop and the first quad lutz in women’s competition, both achieved at the age of 14 – and later the first quadruple flip.

4) It’s been another big week for collectors’ item goals in Europe: here’s a rabona from Joca for Leixōes in Portugal’s second division, Varzim goalkeeper Richardo Nunes scoring a two-bouncer from his own box, while another keeper – Sevilla’s Bono –wandered up the pitch in the dying moments to equalise against Valladolid.

5) Dominik Koepfer prepares to serve to Alexander Zverev at the Mexican Open in Acapulco. You Will Do Quite Well To Guess What Happens Next.

6) Happy 39th birthday to Danica Patrick, the first woman to win an IndyCar race, back in 2008. Wladimir Klitschko turns 45, and here are five of his best knockouts. Scott Sinclair reaches 32, so a good time to reel off some of his best moments for Celtic, Swansea, Preston, Plymouth and – of course! – Team GB.