Testing the Nvidia RTX 4090 and winning April Fools’ Day

It’s April Fools’ Day, the bane of virtually every news reporter, journalist and consumer that has to wade through silly PR stunts and pranks that should never have been approved in the first place. Occasionally, however, some genuinely amusing content makes it through which is exactly what we have here today.

As YouTube channel Captains Workspace recounts, Nvidia recently announced its new 4000-series GPU and the first card out the gate is the comically massive RTX 4090. The fictional hardware boasts 18,000 Cuda cores, 232 ray tracing cores and 48GB of memory, and consumes just one kilowatt of energy.

The RTX 4090 utilizes dual power connectors that plug right into the wall, eliminating the need of having to upgrade your computer’s PSU just to use it. A total of 12 fans keep things cool (and as you’ll see, generate quite a bit of turbulence).

The attention to detail in the gag video is top notch; the creator even shows off the card’s PCB complete with quad-die GPU core. But the absolute best part of the whole thing in my opinion is the benchmarking software used to test the card.

We even get a sneak peek at the RTX 4090 Ti at the end of the video, but I think a PSU upgrade is certainly in order.